Every country is embracing Blockchain. Governments (Andhra Govt. & UAE Govt.) are the first movers to adopt Blockchain. Surprisingly, business houses are struggling to understand the Blockchain implementation road map. Given the opportunity OxyLoans.com is the World’s First Tech company to offer “Blockchain Technology Loans”.

By 2020 all governments will be on Blockchian. As a Business House, to adopt Blockchain you need to “invest time”, “allocate blockchain champion” and “invest as low as INR 100,000 or USD 15000 per month” to get the Minimum Viable Product.

OxyLoans.com will help you in selecting the right Blockchain Integration Partner to your business.    

Why Blockchain? Technically speaking you are entering into decentralized applications (DApps)  World where hacking is impossible and you get access to millions of customers who are willing to buy and sell products or services. 

Why accept Bitcoin / Digital Currency as payment : In Digital Currency World USD 200 Billion is floating, It is time for Business Houses to embrace it.

What is Blockchain technology to me?

–         End of Monopoly & starting of BIT TIME SHARING ECONOMY        

–         End of Political Imbalance

–         End of corruption

–         Freedom for everyone in conducing business, implementing ideas & fulfilling dreams.

If you have an Idea and passionate about implementing it, let’s implement it directly on Blockchain. To start, register today on OxyLoans.com and apply for Technology Loan. In India we will follow RBI NBFC P2P guidelines to process loan for the rest of the World we will process through our local partners. offer is valid to citizen of every country.

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