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Lending & Borrowing money by NRIs to residents of India. Oxyloans Peer to Peer lending

Can a resident of India borrow money from an NRI? May be, but first you need to know about the Peer to peer lending. What is peer to peer lending? Peer to peer lending meets characters who have the cash to invest with people who are seeming for a loan. A more suitable term for this application is marketplace lending because an online staging, normally a website, is related to match investors with all the […]

OxyLoans Enables Peer to Peer Lending

  • -by Radhakrishna Thatavarti

Lenders: Individuals who want to lend money online, can visit and select lend money tab, select the type of loan you are interested to lend, enter lending amount ( Maximum you can lend 10 lakhs in a year) Enter your email id and click get started, which will direct you to Member sign up page, enter the details and get registered. Borrowers: Individuals who want to borrow money online, can visit and select […]


Peer-to-Peer lending and borrowing is next big thing after Bitcoin

  • -by Radhakrishna Thatavarti

I am amazed to see that one of the leading Financial services firm from my own city Hyderabad Karvy released a report saying that India is going to witness one of the largest transfers of wealth worth $128 billion from one generation to next in the coming decade. This ensures me that the new generation of Indians who are more Tech savvy than their counterparts are going to get access to more money, which can […]

Borrower says, “If INR 20000 is arranged on time, I might have saved my father’s life”

  • -by Radhakrishna Thatavarti

Borrower says, “If INR 20000 is arranged on time, I might have saved my father’s life” I trust that “availability of funds for urgent needs” is more important than leaving it to fate. I got a mail from a borrower stating that if funds are arranged, he might have saved his father’s life. I have to respond! We need solutions! Reviewed all rejected loans history, presented the same in image. To address such needs, I […]