I am amazed to see that one of the leading Financial services firm from my own city Hyderabad Karvy released a report saying that India is going to witness one of the largest transfers of wealth worth $128 billion from one generation to next in the coming decade.

This ensures me that the new generation of Indians who are more Tech savvy than their counterparts are going to get access to more money, which can change the Indian economy.

I also believe in the traditional system of lending and borrowing money through cash, which has a major share in financial transactions in India.

As there is a rise in the technological advancements in financial domain, there are people who are driven towards fin-tech companies who provide online money Lending and Borrowing services.

With the latest RBI guidelines, all the online peer to peer lending platforms are more secure than ever.

We know today’s Indians are more aware of Financial management than ever, thanks to the internet! I am confident that with the increase in security and ease in the transaction of loans, fin-tech companies are here to stay on a longer run.

So online lending money and borrowing is the next big thing after bitcoin.

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