SME loans

  • SME sector of India is considered as the backbone of economy contributing to 45% of the industrial output, 40% of India’s exports.

  • Small and medium size enterprises consist of manufacturing units for the industrial sector, food sector, packaging, IT, construction, tourism and smaller companies registered under the partnership or companies act in India.

  • SME’s often get stagnant after a point of time and have a lot of hurdles which they have to face to expand and grow.

  • gives a unique opportunity for SME’s, lenders, investors and potential partners. This platform gives the SME’s looking to expand their businesses geographical reach or update their machinery an opportunity to get a loan without extensive bank formalities or stringent interest rates.

  • Interest rates are purely dependent on the Lender and Borrower. It starts from 12 % Per Year, i.e. 1 % per month, to a restricted maximum of 4 % per month and 48 % Per Year.

  • The SME can borrow anything between INR 50000 to a maximum of INR 10 lakhs.

Documentation required for SME Loans

  • KYC Documentation (Know Your Customer)
  • 3Years I.T.Returns
  • Balance Sheet
  • Business Proof

Home Loan Can Be Used For Many Purposes


For Construction of a New House


Purchase of
Dream Home


Interiors of Home


Purchase of
Open Land


Buy an Apartment