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  • All Indian citizens are eligible.
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  • All Indian citizens are eligible.
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Interested in International Business Expansion?

The world is filled with business opportunities, meaning that Indian businesses can reap rich rewards by entering international markets.However, it is important to note that successful expansion needs sufficient funding as well as both expertise and experience.Fortunately for Indian businesses that need a source of funding to fuel their international expansion, there is a perfect solution in the form of OxyLoans.

Come to OxyLoans for Both Investments and Investment Opportunities!

In short, OxyLoans provides a platform for Indian businesses interested in international expansion to make contact with NRIs interested in providing funding for such businesses. By using our services, Indian businesses can post their expansion plans, which will attract NRIs who believe in their chances of success. Likewise, NRIs can post their investment criteria, which can be used to filter out most investment opportunities to leave those that fit their investing interests. In this manner,we strive to eliminate the most complicated and time-consuming parts of the investment process, thus facilitating NRI investments in Indian businesses interested in international expansion.

What Do You Need to Remember?

With that said, both Indian businesses and NRI investors should make sure to exercise an appropriate level of care and consideration when seeking either investments or investment opportunities, which will provide them with what they want without taking on too much risk. Here are some examples of things to remember when using our platform:

  • Indian businesses need to remember that NRI investors can be interested in various forms of compensation, ranging from the standard principal plus interest package to a percentage of the controlling shares that would provide them with a say in their revenue-earning operations.
  • NRI investors should remember that while most of the investment opportunities that they come across will make a perfect fit for their investment criteria, they can still make worthwhile investment opportunities so long as they are willing to be a little bit flexible when it comes to their investment portfolios.
  • Both sides in the investment process should give some serious thought to collateral in the form of land, buildings, bonds, shares, and other financial instruments, which can provide Indian businesses with better financing terms and NRI investors withincreased assurance that their investments will be safe and sound.

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On a concluding note, OxyLoans would like to state that we welcome a wide range of Indian businesses interested in seeking financing from NRI investors, whether they are in education, general services, IT, manufacturing, or any other sector. As a result, they should not hesitate to seek us out , whether they are interested in making use of our platform or want to speak with us before taking a final decision.